Thursday, October 16, 2008

doctor’s office yoga

was absolutely nowhere to be found this morning. After 2 & ½ hours of waiting I thought I would implode, or explode and my only way of dealing was so 2009. Txt msging! Furiously writing about our stupid healthcare system and wanting to throw stuff out the window.

My friend wrote back to me, "doctor's office yoga" so I had to wonder how, on earth, a girl could have dealt with that situation yogically.

Here's some ideas:

  1. Invoke the goddess Kali, with her tongue dripping blood and hair all crazy, with her red third eye and human skulls for a necklace. Maybe she would scare everyone away and I'd be next in line?
  2. I'm realizing the problem really is about powerless-ness, not only patience.
  3. Yoga teaches that suffering comes from misunderstanding (as well as from a few other things I'll write about on another day…).
  4. So, basically in the doctor's office waiting room, I forgot my true nature as a limitless, unbounded drop in the ocean of our life and existence.
  5. Instead I felt completely bound, almost like being tied up.
  6. My mind was doing the binding. No one was actually in there with ropes.


deebee said...

Just a general comment...I need to meditate more. Your words are like mini-meditations. Thank you. Kisses.

Denise said...

Eva'a Living Room Yoga has changed my life. Her attitude and way of teaching has finally allowed me to appreciate the practice of yoga. I feel better than I have in years!
Thank you, Eva

eva b said...

Dina, you are so very welcome! I need to meditate more too. :)
Denise, you have given me serious inspiration to go to teach this morning. Thank you!!

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