Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You in the purple!

I work at the food coop in my neighborhood. Last night, it was slow and someone suggested that one of the group of us checkers could do our food shopping while the rest of us kept working. The woman 2 registers down from me, leaned my way and said, " You!, You in the purple, that okay with you?" I said yes because who doesn't love to shop instead of work? Then a wave of happiness flowed through me in the purple, beyond just the feeling of getting my shopping done early.

Maybe because I suddenly felt so *simple? Usually I teach yoga, or I try to figure out how to be in this world, or I want to accomplish so much and don't know where to begin. This time it was just You in the Purple.

*a few synonyms for simple from :
child’s play, cinch*, clean, easy as pie*, effortless, elementary, facile, incomplex, intelligible, light, lucid, manageable, mild, no problem, no sweat, not difficult, picnic*, piece of cake, plain, quiet, self-explanatory, simple as ABC, smooth, snap*, straightforward, transparent, uncomplicated, uninvolved, unmistakable, untroublesome, walkover

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