Monday, January 12, 2009

The yoga of food

Last night I ate pizza at delicious Amorina. Delicious and classic with red checkered tablecloths, flowery wall paper, warm chandeliers & people.

The girl sitting next to my friend and I was eating her very own pizza. She was by herself and enjoying her food a lot. She also had a journal on the table that she was writing in.

The journal, the pizza, the contented woman would have been enough, but then after dinner she ordered a cappuccino. It was lovely and foamy. I was really impressed.

Then she ordered dessert. Maybe it was ricotta cheesecake? I'm not sure. It didn't matter what the dessert was, only the fact that she ordered it. Though I do remember little caramel swirls on top.

I wanted to be her friend. Actually I wanted to be her, sitting alone with something to write on and enjoying, luxuriating over an incredibly complete meal.

That would have to be the yoga of food, exactly!

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