Monday, September 28, 2009

breathing exercise

I began an Alexander Technique master class on Sunday (ooh la la!).
Try this exercise; it is the beginning of my studies.

Imagine there is a big blossom on the top of your head. Whatever blossom you imagine is perfect for you.
Imagine big petals, maybe even say the word petal to yourself.
Imagine inside all those petals an opening, and that opening moves all the way to the base of your pelvis.

As you inhale, draw the breath from above you into the space within the petals.
As you exhale image the breath moving into, but not through your lovely sitting bones.
Continue to breathe like this, in through the top of your head, the opening of your blossom, and out filling the bowl of your pelvis all the way to your sitting bones.

I'll explain the importance of this later. For now, here is this exercise, sweet and simple, for you.

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