Monday, December 21, 2009

teacher please!

Does a person need to have a great teacher to become a great teacher?
I'm in the market, myself.
I'm calling out to the world, "looking for a great teacher!"


deebee said...

Teachers come in all varieties. I ask you to get more specific on what kind of teacher you are looking for? I miss my Eva.

eva b. said...

A yoga teacher, to be exact.
I miss my db too!
Having snow on the ground here in NY just isn't the same without you and your motley crew of xcountry skis...

Anonymous said...

Everyone and everything is our teachers. Our body, the mind, the intellect, the ego, the senses, the breath, the entire life existence, the birth and death of every moment, the impermanence, happiness, suffering, and everything that we are experiencing is our teachers.
And yet the greatest teacher above all is our Self.
I guess you know this already. Cheers.
Om Shanti.

eva b said...

Ah the Self, you are completely right, the Self is our ultimate teacher.
But when things feel so cloudy/foggy around the Self and we cannot find it, that's when we need to look for a really incredible yoga teacher to help us clear the way and dispel the fog.
Your words are beautiful and taught me something! Thanks so much ~
namaste :)

Anonymous said...

When you feel cloudy/foggy, "who" is the one feeling cloudy/foggy? Is it you or something else? When we are not indentify with the state of mind (either clear or cloudy) and let go of this cloudy/foggy state of mind, not attach to the fog, even "this" cloudiness is impermanent. And soon you will see the Self again.
Om Shanti.