Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yoga of Isaac

I wonder what the yogis would say about new motherhood?
Love, pain, lack of sleep. That's what I say, so far.
Good thing he is so cute, or I don't know what I would do.


Miss J said...

Goodness Eva! He is gorgeous! Hope that you find some pockets of rest soon! I was shocked at how the sleep deprivation messed with me. Hang in there though. YOU are doing a great job and it will get better! xoxox Julia

Susan said...

You now possess a wisdom that no Yogi can ever know, the experience of childbirth. I wish you much rest (I hear it will come) and of course he's adorable, he's yours isn't he? Luv S&M

Lisa Spahr- Helping People and Businesses Grow said...

Congratulations Eva. He's lovely! We said the same when Bahia was born, almost 3 months ago. Hang in there. Sleep will come. I promise.

eva b said...

Thank you to y'all so much. Finally, @ 7 weeks, it is getting better!
Shoot, I even have the time to thank you :)
You are lovely and warmhearted and I so appreciate your caring!

lisa said...

Congrats from your Yoga In the Kitchen partner !
It's obvious you know how to cook up something naturally delicious!
Health and happiness to all of you on Thanksgiving weekend.
Lisa, Park Avenue Nutrition