Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby Knees Chest Chin Pose

A very interesting variation, photographed at the Monument, Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY

What precise form!
Next came an exuberant rendition of Downward dog moving toward Plank.

Makin' my momma proud.

His momma was so proud she flipped!

yeah, whatever, I could do that no problem.

 What pose will be next?  Stay tuned!  Or go to my momma-blog for baby-ness to the max.

*If you are looking at this on my website, come here for the pics!


Ann-Marie said...

Hello! I just discovered your blog! I clicked next and there it was! I think it is a sign because I spent the weekend becoming a certified Radiant Child Yoga Instructor and here you are with a baby yoga model! Great pictures!

eva b. said...

Thank you Ann-marie! I'd say its definitely a sign. People keep asking me if I'm teaching him yoga yet, and I say at this point, he's teaching me! I've heard of radiant child yoga, it sounds wonderful, congratultions!

John Murdock said...

hahha, love it. Smart boys, is he an expert?
teach me plizzz :)

Lida Lillebro said...

Cute photos I am a yoga fan myself but, I stick to the easier stuff because the harder positions make my body sore.

developmentbucket said...

i love it great baby pics

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Sam said...
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Hannah Alexander said...

I had just finished editing a new post on my sadly neglected yoga blog, when curiosity struck and I clicked the "Next Blog" link at the top of the page. What a treat to arrive at yours! Thank you. By the way, that baby pose at the top-I call that baby seal, after seeing it done on the beach in Northern California by a young seal who'd been stashed there by mom while she went hunting.