Monday, May 4, 2009

oh well

I have a friend named Annie. She was my roommate two times (!) in college. I realized during the second time that she was a natural born yogi, with no Asana practice necessary.
When she did her homework, she did it. When she watched TV or goofed off or whatever, she did that too. She wasn't worried about homework when she was playing, or wanted to be playing while she was working.

She also taught me her secret mantra that I still think about: "oh well."

You can put it at the end of any and all sentences for a super-yogic effect.

1. I left the lights on in my car and now it won't start and I have no time to move it, oh well.
2. I missed the train and now I'll be late, oh well.
3. I can hold a handstand longer than anyone else, oh well.
4. I lost $20 bucks, oh well.
5. I ate too many cookies, oh well.

Try it, and notice if you feel a little more even, and a little less like holding on.
For a physical practice, try this: go to the beach and scoop up and handful of sand. Let the sand fall through your hands back onto the beach. Pick up another scoop of sand and let the second scoop fall through your hands back to the beach. Continue for as many scoopfuls as it takes until you realize that here is an endless amount of sand for you to scoop and drop.



got your dvd from my mom a while ago and you are really a personality i love to listen to, while trying to leave the world outside behind. now your blog and the way you make me see things from another angle - thanks a lot

eva b said...

you are so very welcome!
I am so happy to know that these words and ideas are finding a lovely home :)