Sunday, May 31, 2009

the third eye

The third eye is in between your eyebrows.
It doesn't see like your regular eyes see; it sees the inside of you.
It sees consciousness.
Here is a exercise to help you feel the power of your third eye:

Close your two eyes.
Focus on the top of your head.
You can imagine a blossom right there, open toward the sky.
From the very center of that blossom travel down over your forehead until your awareness rests right between the eyebrows.
Take this awareness a 1/2 and inch back to exactly where your third eye is. The color is thought to be blue, and the name is Ajna.

Now mentally massage your third eye, waking it up.
Let it's energy move toward the center of your head, and then flood your body with its consciousness.

Remember the third eye sees what your regular eyes do not!

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