Thursday, October 30, 2008

things that are broken and fixed

Lately, electronic devices in my apartment have been breaking.
I bought a TV one year ago. I discovered 2 weeks after it's one year warranty expired that the TV had no picture. I glared at it for a month, cursing my bad luck and complaining about how I never even watched it. Finally I called the TV people. They offered to extend the warranty and fix it. I didn't even ask them to do that!
Then my phone line got all crackley and died. The thought of calling a technician to come and fix it filled me with dread. Verizon said they would charge me (a lot!) if it was not an "outside problem". I felt worse. I made an appointment with a mysterious robot voice. Miraculously, the technician came 15 minutes ago, and now he's gone to have a look at the pole.
Outside problem!

Ok, 2 electronic breakage yoga lessons:

1. Nothing stays the same. Things break and are fixed. I can watch this ebb and flow like I have the best seat in the house. This is VERY yogic: I am the eternal witness, that which does not change.
2. What I think an outcome is to be, is never what the outcome will be. The thinking happens in my mind, and the outcome happens on the outside. Thinking about downward facing dog is very different than being in downward facing dog.
3. (related to #2) Worrying is pretty much pointless, it just tires the brain. Better just to do.


deebee said...

Clarification numero uno, does that mean that the witness (i.e. ourself) doesn't ever change?

You are yogic magic.

eva b said...

Exactly! That which doesn't change is called the "Big S" self, ie not the your ego, your mind, your body because all of those are changeable. I was going to write another post on exactly this, so stay tuned!