Friday, October 31, 2008

Who are you?

Ancient yogis (& modern ones too!) say that we are that which does not change.
Your mind changes, your body changes, your cells all change once every 7 years!
What does not change is the witness of all this change.
That much makes sense to me, usually....
Where it gets a little more intense, interesting, and hard to understand, is that what doesn't change in me is the same thing as what doesn't change in you.
At the deepest possible level we are all one, the same thing. Same ocean of drops.

If you embody and truly believe this, then:
  1. You have reached enlightenment and please start a bloga that I can read!

  2. You will be always full of glee because even if someone else wins the lottery, it will feel as if you won it yourself.

  3. If you squander away all your winnings after that (as most lottery winners do?) you won't be sad because the whole of life (which feels much better than dollars) will be streaming thru you.

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